The Couples GALLERY

    In this gallery you will find my work with couples. Some are engagement others are just because they can/want.

    As a couple in love, you should celebrate every step of the way together - not just the good & happy moments, but the  uncomfortable phases too. There is not a specific destination where you are going, love is all about the ride and you need no reason to wanting to celebrate that. It should, it must, and capturing moments together is what will make you remember how that love felt at first and to cherish how your love feels now. 

 groton, ma

Tyzza & Cristian

Providence, RI

Stacie & Dave

newport, RI

Laiany & Kevin

West Greenwich, RI

Alexis & madison

jamestown, ri

margot & taylor

sand diego, ca

vanessa & Randi

Boston, MA


providence, ri

ha & kevin

London, uk

Cidi & Gus

brooklyn, ny

Amber & johnny

london, UK

sarah & michael

 west boylston, Ma

sandy & Theo