Jun 17, 2021

What to Wear for a Photo Session

Hey all!

First off, I am no expert on fashion education, yet my experience and personal opinion as a photographer has proven these few tips to create timeless photographs.

1 – Patterns

Too many patterns can make the photo look “busy”. For adults avoid stripes, dots and multiple patterns like paisley.

Plan Shirt

2 – Avoid Matching

A lot of us, including myself, love to match our clothing with our children for photos. While at times cute it can take away from accenting individual’s personalities. Instead of perfectly matching, try to use a variety of shades. My advice, think “same color, different shades”.

Family Photo Session
Same color, different shades!

3 – Image Consult

Not all of us know what colors looks good on us. To find your color palette I highly recommend hiring a professional Image Consultant. Your color palette tends to remain the same but remember a change of season or hair color can have an impact . Don’t stress on the price as there are many affordable stylist. I highly recommend this lady here:

4 – Tones

You can’t go wrong with earth tones like brown, tan, umber, brick red, terracotta, yellow ochre, warm gray, shades of green such as moss and trees, brown oranges, burnt sienna and whites. Earth tone colors are muted and flat that emulate the natural colors found in dirt, moss, trees and rocks. Pretty cool! Neutral colors are also a great option, it helps to smooth the skin, creates less contrast and focus will be on your expressions. Some example of neutral colors are beige, ivory, taupe, black, gray and shades of white.

BU Bridge, Boston, Couples Photo Session

5 – Layers

Add accessories such as a hat, cool shoes, a belt, necklace to create layers!

maternity photo session

6 – Keep it Simple

No need to wear high heels for outdoor photos, or make your kids wear suit and tie.

Old Stone Church couples session

7 – Be Comfortable

This is so important! Wear comfortable clothes. Being in front of a camera isn’t an easy task for some people, and being comfortable is essential to feeling less awkward and more yourself.

Beach Photo Session

8 – No Logos

Don’t wear clothes with logos. Especially avoid big logos like Nike. The little ones on pockets are fine 🙂

senior photo session
I feel like this could turn into a huge article and I’m going to stop here. The most important of it all is to be yourself. Take what resonates and leave the rest!

I hope this is helpful!


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