Jun 16, 2021

12 Hidden Gem Photo Spots in Boston

As a photographer in Boston, I’ve spent so much time wandering around and finding backdrops for photos – but the same parks and touristy locations can get pretty crowded. And when you’re getting photos taken, you probably don’t want an audience! So whether you’re finding that perfect place for your engagement session, somewhere for your family photos, or you’re just looking to explore away from the crowds, here are 11 hidden gems that make amazing photo spots in Boston area! 

1. Bancroft’s Castle

This “castle” in Groton lies on top of Gibbet Hill, and the ruins have a unique history. Bancroft began building his castle, but never finished his dream retirement home. It was just a tower with glassless windows when he sold it to a physician who turned it into a sanitarium. The space then became a social center, and is now a part of a hiking trail, offering a backdrop for photographers!

Bancroft’s Castle
Bancroft’s Castle

2. Old Stone Church

Another stunning relic of Boston’s history is the Old Stone Church. Built in 1891, the church was the only remnant in West Boylston to survive the flood that the Wachusett Reservoir caused in the valley. This unique building makes the perfect backdrop, as the unique stone walls contrast against the water, and the field of grass outside the church is an amazing spot to take photos! 

Old Stone Church
Old Stone Church

3. Wachusett Dam

The Wachusett Dam is located in Clinton, Massachusetts, and impounding the Nashua River it creates the Wachusett Reservoir. The dam offers sweeping views, a serene landscape, and lots of places to walk and explore. There’s even a HIKE that passes the dam and includes forested scenery, a lake, and in the spring, the chance to watch water coming over the dam! I especially love this photo spot in the fall, when the leaves change color and you can see the beautiful autumn scenery of Massachusetts.

Wachusett Dam
Wachusett Dam

4. Boston University Bridge

This photo spot in Boston connects the BU campus to Cambridge, Massachusetts. It extends over the Charles River, offering waterfront views to anyone who crosses it. You can walk across this bridge, and it’s especially gorgeous at sunrise and sunset, as the water reflects the pinks, purples, and reds that light up the sky around the river.

BU Bridge, Boston
BU Bridge, Boston

5. Beacon Hill

This historic neighborhood is one of the best photo spots in Boston, for the unique Victorian architecture, narrow streets, and brick lined sidewalks. There are tons of antique shops, quirky boutiques, and local gems to explore! The rich history of this old neighborhood can be seen at every corner, and you’ll always find something new to see in Beacon Hill. 

Engagement Photo Beacon Hill, Boston
Engagement Photo Beacon Hill, Boston

6. West Street

Some of the best hidden gems are the secret ones that don’t have a name – like this spot in Berlin. I love the greenery of the trees contrasting with the neutral browns of the field, and this would be such a fun place to take some photos. You can get the natural, outdoorsy look, without straying too far from the parking lot!


7. Framingham Road

This spot in Southborough, MA is by the side of the road, with a field of dry grass that makes an amazing backdrop. The grass adds an amazing texture to photos, and it’s especially beautiful in the fall, when the leaves change color.


8. Michael P. Yellick Conservation Area

The town of Northborough holds the Michael P. Yellick Conservation Area, where you can go to take photos by the river! The gorgeous fields of the conservation area are dotted with white pine trees, and the park is perfect for hiking and exploring. 


9. Callahan State Park

Callahan State Park is a vast, beautiful public park in Framingham that offers lush greenery, open fields, and ponds. This is one of the best hidden gems and photo spots, with miles of hiking trails to explore! This is the perfect backdrop for anyone who wants to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city and be out in nature.


10. Cow Common

Cow Common is a conservation area that features open fields, red maple trees, and a swamp! There are several trails that traverse through open hay fields, wind along the Sudbury River and through a forested grove of white pines. This natural oasis in Wayland is a gorgeous backdrop for engagement or family photos, and tons of fun to explore!


11. Arnold Arboretum

This photo spot in Boston is located on the Harvard University campus, and is another stunning location for nature lovers. On the 281 acres of this Arboretum, there are a variety of trees and plant life, and every single one is documented and studied to learn more about the flora and fauna. Walk the paths winding through this living museum, and you’ll forget you’re in the city at all!


Looking for Photo Spots in Boston?

One of my favorite things about being a photographer is finding the perfect locations for my clients – so whether you’re looking for a cute coffee shop or an escape from the city, I’m ready with more recommendations for Boston photo spots. To schedule a photo session, CONTACT ME!

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