"Where to begin!?

Marilia Lima was hands down the best photographer we could have ever asked for. 

 1. The Quality of the Photos: Normally, when you look at wedding photos, there are many that are good, and a few that are exceptional. 

With Marilia, each picture is a masterpiece. I was the kind of bride that wanted just a few “staged” pictures, and the rest purely candid.

I wanted the pictures to tell the story of the day. If you are of the same mindset then Marilia Lima is your lady. Marilia makes her photographs tailored made to the individuals involved. She engages with them, empathizes with them, and gets to know them on a deeper level. Because of this, her photos are very personal, practically an expression of the subjects in art form. 

 Each pictured appeared to us a masterpiece, because it was very US. 

 2. Her Presence: Marilia adds to the wedding in a powerful way.. 

 From the start of the day she was ready to work but also completely relaxed and never stress inducing. 

We were very nervous about the fact that it was raining on our wedding day, but some of our favorite photos came from our Plan B - going to a nearby coffee shop that we liked rather than the park as we had planned. 

She said, bring it on, this is going to be great. And assured us that everything was going to be fine - and it was.

 Weddings can tend to go by super fast, but Marilia helped us take our time and savor every moment. Never in our face or pulling us away from the party to “take another photo.” That being said she has such a knack to be in the right place at the right time. As one guest remarked, “Whenever I’d spot a perfect moment, Marilia was already there.” Tom and I felt so calm because she was so confident in her own work. We had trust that she would deliver, and that gave us a lot of peace.

 She's also so fun to be around!

Guests enjoyed talking to her. She adds to the party. She funks it up. Adds a nice flavor. 

I really appreciated that she dressed nice, not in all black, but actually in a killer outfit that announced to all, ‘hey, I’m the photographer, but also, this is a special occasion.’

 I have recommended her to EVERYONE I know who is getting married and have also talked to many people who have hired her. They all have glowing reviews."

- Two Souls, One Story -

JUNE 23, 2018

Maggie & Tom Keef


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