Feb 18, 2023

Photo Editing Process with Adobe Lightroom

How long it will take to receive your edited photos?

When it comes to documenting your story, my work reflects the timelessness of your love. That is my commitment to myself and you. I show up with a calm energy. I take photos, I have fun and I go home with some memory cards filled with photos.

But it doesn’t stop there. Most people don’t realize that the editing process is much longer and more intensive than taking photos on the day itself.

This is the part where I start putting the pieces of the puzzle together. By crafting your one-of-a-kind love story. 

I usually capture between 2,000 to 5,000 raw photos at a wedding, it depends on the package you choose. And hey, if we have a second shooter, you can bet there are loads more.

Arriving home after your reception, the first thing I do is upload all your pictures onto a hard drive and make a copy of it. You can never be too careful! 

Once your photos are safe and sound, I’ll start curating the ‘best’ ones and deleting the not-so-great ones. Such as people with their eyes closed, weird expressions, blurry shots, etc. With a clean slate, the actual editing then begins as well as putting together your bespoke slideshow. 

Wedding Photo Editing Process on Lightroom


You’ll receive over 600-800 photos, depending on how many hours we shoot and how jam-packed your wedding day is! 


Firstly, I’ll send you a handful of sneak peek shots a couple of days after your wedding. 4 to 6 weeks later, you’ll receive a link to your online gallery and slideshow to watch and relive your wedding day.

Around the same time, you’ll also receive a beautiful package in the mail with a USB, prints and a little thank you from me. 


It will take roughly 4 to 6 weeks to receive your final wedding photos. I put a lot of love and care into perfecting each image, which is why it’ll take me a little bit more time to deliver your final images.

If you’d like your photos sooner, please ask me about the rush fee.

No matter how many days or weeks it takes, I won’t rest until your photos accurately reflect your wedding day. This is your story, your legacy, your memories.

If you are getting married, contact me and let’s chat about wedding photography.

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